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Mama-to-be voiceover

How ironic!

I’m 18 weeks pregnant (which is the most amazing news ever, I hasten to add) and voiced this for Tens Care recently. My character is concerned about the pain of labour (!). I haven’t thought that far ahead yet but maybe a Perfect Mama Tens may come in handy.

Acora Voiceover

I really like voicing projects like this one – adding a human touch to a large, corporate organisation. The best way to explain what a business does is with a quick video. Acora Ltd got this one spot on. It sits neatly on their homepage and gives new clients a quick round up of how they can help.


New Ford Fiesta Promos

I worked with SMC Ford in Kent to produce these short promos for the new Ford Fiesta ST-Line and Vignale. Call me weird, but I love the smell of brand new cars!


Gain Respect in the Workplace

Upbeat Voiceover Girl

Wow, it’s been a great few months in my voiceover world. Ever since I updated my kit and bought a sexy new interface, I’ve had a new air of confidence and vigour. I’ve also been developing my vocal range and working on the business side of things with Guy Michaels from Voiceover Kickstart. I signed up for his 6 week free voiceover course, which has really motivated me to up my game. I highly recommend signing up for the course to anyone wanting to further their voiceover career. So, over the next few months, I’ll have a new website, new demos and hopefully a few new clients to work with. Here are some snippets of a handful of projects I’ve been working on this year so far.

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